Esports: The Beginning of a New Era


    I remember my mom beating the hell out of me when I used to play Super Mario Bros. continuously. She would think that it would do nothing good. Only strain my eyes and getting no physical exercise whatsoever.

    Cut back to 2018 and she still has the same perception. But the world has gone a long way since. Today, playing video games can earn you thousand of dollars in a week. And I am not even joking.


    Video game sports, also known as electronic sports or eSports, has risen to level that many long running sports have not been able to do. With a global marquee of about a billion players, video games industry is a great thriving business. Winning an eSports competition can make you win anything between $100,000 – $1.7million dollars.

    It’s not always about winning. One make even stream their game on the Twitch platform and earn huge chunks of money. According to some reports, “Shroud”, one of the most popular streamer, earns around $1million through streaming only.

    The most popular games today include the likes of Fortnite, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty, Playerunknowns’ Battleground (PUBG), among others. And there is a huge chance that you have played atleast one of these in your life.

    Without a huge population outburst, India is among the most attractive market for most video game companies. PUBG alone has more than a million active players from India. And most of the most-played games are of the action genre. This shows the mindset of people to rise above others and win ranks before others can.

    If you own anything related to computer, tablet or phone, I am 100 percent sure that you have played atleast one game. And that’s nothing to be shy of.


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