AFC Asian Cup 2019, United Arab Emirates, Groups, Match Schedule and more

AFC Asian Cup
AFC Asian Cup

The 17th edition of the AFC Asian Cup 2019 will take place at the United Arab Emirate from 5th Jan to 1st Feb.A total of 24 teams will participate in the tournament out of which 5 are from the sub-continent.

Usually only 16 teams participated in the AFC Asian Cup 2019 previously but this time it has been expanded to 23.

UAE automatically qualified for the event while other 45 team has to went through a qualifier to secure their place in AFC Asian Cup. The qualifier took place earlier between march 2015 to march 2018.

AFC Asian Cup
AFC Asian Cup

The previous AFC Asian Cup was won by the Australian Football Team in 2015. The other 23 teams which qualified for the AFC Asian Cup  are: India, Qatar, UAE, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan,Iran, Syria, Iraq, China, Palestine, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkmenistan,Bahrain, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, North Korea, Philippines and Yemen. Philippines,Yemen and Kyrgyzstan will be taking part in the AFC Asian Cup for the first time.

There are six groups and each group have Four teams in them.Group A has UAE, India, Thailand and Bahrain. Group B has Australia, Syria,Palestine and Jordan. Group C has South Korea, China, Philippines and Kyrgyzstan. Group D consists of Iran, Iraq, Vietnam and Yemen. Saudi Arabia,Qatar, Lebanon and North Korea are placed in Group E. Japan, Uzbekistan, Oman and Turkmenistan fill in the last group of AFC Asian Cup.


Group A

5 January 2019: UAE vs Bahrain

6 January 2019: India vs Thailand

10 January 2019: Bahrain vs Thailand

10 January 2019: UAE vs India

 14 January 2019: UAE vs Thailand

14 January 2019: India vs Bahrain

Group B

6 January 2019: Australia vs Jordan

6 January 2019: Syria vs Palestine

10 January 2019: Jordan vs Syria

11 January 2019: Palestine vs Australia

14 January 2019: Australia vs Syria

14 January 2019: Palestine vs Jordan

Group C

7 January 2019: South Korea vs Philippines

7 January 2019: China vs Kyrgyzstan

11 January 2019: Philippines vs China

11 January 2019: South Korea vs Kyrgyzstan

15 January 2019: South Korea vs China

15 January 2019: Kyrgyzstan vs Philippines

Group D

7 January 2019: Iran vs Yemen

8 January 2019: Iraq vs Vietnam

12 January 2019: Yemen vs Iraq

12 January 2019: Vietnam vs Iran

15 January 2019: Iran vs Iraq

15 January 2019: Vietnam vs Yemen

Group E

8 January 2019: Saudi Arabia vs North Korea

8 January 2019: Qatar vs Lebanon

12 January 2019: North Korea vs Qatar

13 January 2019: Lebanon vs Saudi Arabia

16 January 2019: Saudi Arabia vs Qatar

16 January 2019: Lebanon vs North Korea

Group F

9 January 2019: Japan vs Turkmenistan

9 January 2019: Uzbekistan vs Oman

13 January 2019: Turkmenistan vs Uzbekistan

13 January 2019: Oman vs Japan

16 January 2019: Japan vs Uzbekistan

16 January 2019: Oman vs Turkmenistan

Round of 16

19 January 2019: Group A Runners-up vs Group C Runners-up

19 January 2019: Group D winners vs Group B/E/F 3rd

19 January 2019: Group B Winner vs Group A/C/D 3rd

19 January 2019: Group F Winner vs Group E Runners-up

20 January 2019: Group C Winner vs Group A/B/F 3rd

20 January 2019: Group E Winner vs Group D Runners-up

20 January 2019: Group A Winners vs Group C/D/E 3rd

20 January 2019: Group B Runners-up vs Group F Runners-up


23 January 2019: Quarterfinal 1

23 January 2019: Quarterfinal 2

24 January 2019: Quarterfinal 3

24 January 2019: Quarterfinal 4


27 January 2019: Semifinal 1

28 January 2019: Semifinal 2


1 February 2019: Semifinal 1 Winnervs Semifinal 2 Winner Stay tuned to SportsBuzz for latest news for AFC Asian Cup 2019.